Monday, February 27, 2012

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan for a Political Party

As New Egypt Consulting is a digital marketing agency, it would be a good CSR exercise activity for us to show case-study of a digital marketing plan for a political party in Egypt. Digital marketing should be embedded as part of the marketing strategy plan for any company working in today's world.

Our plan would be applicable for any political party (Al Wasat, Al Wafd, Al Masreyeen Al Ahrrar, Freedom & Justice, Al Nour, El Tagamo, Reform & Development, Democratic Peace, etc).

We believe that once political parties utilize digital media marketing, then our entire society will be able to utilize its resources. Political parties are of key pillars for a sustainable community & a growing economy.

Now, our first step to plan digital marketing strategy is to set marketing objectives.

It is essential to define key objectives for your marketing strategy whether you are car agency, manufacturing company, software development firm, WSI web consultant, or political party.

For political party in Egypt (our case-study), we assumed five marketing objectives:

Objective1- Attract more members from different Egyptian governorates
Objective2- Encourage Egyptians living abroad to donate for the party activities
Objective3- Communicate political messages/decisions with both existing members and public opinion
Objective4- Support field activities of both parliament members and elections candidates
Objective5- Promote key members to be prepared as civil servants in near future

Per each objective, we had different marketing message per audience segment. Simply speaking, the marketing message within Objective3 (i.e. The party supports X candidate in presidential elections) could be delivered to different segments (i.e. youth, college students, senior labors, etc).

Digital marketing term goes beyond just advertising or social media engaging. We already discussed  web and social media campaigns for political parties and candidates here part one and part two.

Now, I will list commonly used E-Marketing & online media advertising tools to show our blog readers - practically- how to apply digital marketing strategy for political party (you can consult us for applying it even for a company or organization):

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