Monday, February 27, 2012

YouTube Marketing for Political Party in Egypt

YouTube would be most powerful social media marketing tool within online media. The video message is direct, to-the-point, and more interesting unlike text pages. However, many political parties (and even presidential candidates) are not fully utilizing YouTube to support their activities. Mostly they just upload entire TV interview or public meeting (1+ hour duration) and that's it!

Let's pick objective 3 (communicate political messages) from our digital marketing strategy plan for political party in Egypt. Let's assume the message to be public event where speakers are executive office members. It is not enough to just upload entire video event to YouTube.
In addition, the political party communication committee has to also split the event video to upload separate video clip of each speaker. Below is example from New Egypt Consulting:

Also, the humor (or even anger) moments should be uploaded separately with relative video title and description. Over and above, if speaker mentioned hot topic (i.e. youth employment) or public figure (i.e. Dr. Ahmed Zewail), then such mention should be uploaded separately to the political party's official YouTube channel.

Social media marketing is about relevancy, and hence various video clips each with different title according to content maximizes the viral word about the videos. Internet users have different preferences, some of them would be interested in Zewail words, others would like humor part of event, and others might prefer to watch entire event video.

Of course, having official YouTube channel speaking of the political party is essential. The channel would support marketing activities of the political party among internet audience. Actually, some TV channels are using YouTube videos as news source or reference, hence your YouTube presence is not luxury anymore.

For any political party or even consumer brand, you will find YouTube advocates who take initiative by uploading video clips related to either the party (i.e. speech of its member under parliament dome) or consumer brand (i.e. recent Vodafone Egypt advertising by singer Mohamed Mounir). It is the responsibility of social media marketer to communicate and support those YouTube advocates to increase their brand or party loyalty.

Also, proper YouTube video and channel adjustments (description, tags, etc) support search engine visibility for the content, which is very important (as we know, search engine inquiries generate usually most of internet traffic whether to websites or YouTube videos).

One final hint is to monetize your YouTube channel via inserting paid ads (few seconds) within your video clips. An important prerequisite here is timely upload of video materials.

In New Egypt Consulting for Internet Marketing and Social Media Consulting, we had social media marketing experience including YouTube brand marketing. It would be useful to check other post featuring 5 YouTube marketing tips including tags adjustment and description content development.

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