Monday, October 28, 2013

Low-Cost E-Marketing Courses in Cairo, Why Not?

The Digital Marketing Arts Academy successfully launched several courses here in Cairo but it seems that another player is coming into digital media training field. Fady Ramzy, manager of Interact Egypt talked to Wamda (link here) about launching a Digital Media Academy next December.

Unlike Digital Marketing Arts Academy that targets executives and top decision makers, Interact Egypt hopes to attract those who are unable to pay these fees – and in doing so, enrich the Egyptian start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Courses will be available in various areas, including video production, social media marketing, online public relations, online advertising, video ads, and content marketing.

Are we going to see low-cost and affordable E-Marketing courses that target youth, fresh graduates, and entrepreneurs? Feel free to register for a course here:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Social Media Case Study: Rewarding Fans

This is a social media case study from Mori Sushi restaurant in Cairo. It posted an offer for the Facebook fans that is valid and active only today Sunday 27th of October.

Simply, go to any of their branches and place your order. Take a picture and post it to your personal Instagram account while you are in the restaurant. Then, you will be eligible for immediate 50% discount for your table's bill. It's simple, that's it :)

Update your schedule today and be ready to catch the offer :)
What do you think about rewarding your social media fans?

New Egypt Consulting is a social media & digital marketing agency based in Cairo since 2011.
Company Profile:

Tourism or Travel Agency? Attend This Online Marketing Course

An online tourism strategy course will be held this month (Thursday 31st of October 2013) in Hurghada, Egypt and also on November 7th here in Cairo.

The course targets travel agencies highlighting the importance of technology for hotels and tourism at the time of crisis. The course starts 10AM till about 8PM for one day (90 seats available). Early bird registration fee is EGP 750 while starting 12th of October, it is EGP 950.

1- Fady Ramzy Digital Marketing speaker & consultant - Interact Egypt. I remember attending an E-Marketing session for him about Twitter engagement on 2012 with Michael Leander, both were amazing presenters really.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Attracting Tourists Using SEO-optimized Blog

I used to highlight the importance of blogging for any company (Marketing & sales managers can click here, while HR managers click here, and NGO officials click here). For a well-established online presence and effective digital marketing campaigns, having technically reliable blog with updated content is essential to boost your website's ranking across search engines because the blog is a powerful SEO tool.

For example, tourism companies in Egypt can utilize blogging to attract more visitors and tourists to the country.
If the website of the Ministry of Tourism (or Tourism Chamber - or even ElGounaRedSea) installed a Wordpress blog, then easily they can cross-post the online experiences, videos and reviews of tens or hundreds of tourists in the lovely resort of Sharm El Sheikh. Their website will get a relative fresh content that would attract more tourists to come to Egypt.

Blogging can be done by foreigner tourists or Egyptian tourists as well, so their posts would be cross published to tourism ministry blog to share both fun and experience about Egypt. Blog posts will highlight tourism destinations, travel agencies and typical tourist activities. Technically speaking, this means diversified keywords, URLs, HTML tags and page titles.

At the end of the day, potential tourists will find a fresh diversified information when they start searching using Google search engine for example. If let's say 10% of the blog visitors decided to come to Egypt, then it is a great outcome. People online are really looking for valuable updated content, once they find it, they stick to it, and they come frequently and start browsing for more and more information.

Who can start or trigger such initiative that I believe our tourism industry needs it nowadays? Can ElGouna Red Sea partner with the Ministry of Tourism (or even independently) to launch a social media campaign encouraging tourists to share their experiences in Egypt in a YouTube video, Facebook comment, or to write a blog post so ElGouna can share and combine all these 'testimonials' in well-designed website or online media hub? This will be indirect promotion for ElGouna itself as well by the way :)

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