Sunday, October 30, 2011

Google Egypt for 2nd Time (December 2011)

UPDATE: Our exclusive coverage for Google Egypt Days – Day 1:

I think no speech is needed to explain what Google Egypt 2.0 means for the community of entrepreneurs, IT developers, online marketing professionals, marketing gurus, and business owners.

I had registered and approved last year (also in December). Only few days before the event, I got to send them cancellation notice (automated process). At least one of my colleagues (IT developers) attended and it was very exciting experience for them.
This year, I already identified my priorities for Sunday 11th of December 2011 - while other 2 days are for web masters and IT developers.

I already registered, what about you? Feel free to register now here:

Below is agenda (as of 30th of October 2011):

Friday, October 7, 2011

CTR of Facebook Ads Campaigns in KSA and Egypt

Although Facebook provides intelligent advertising solutions for marketers and brand sales managers, the need for performance indicators exists as calculations of both ROI and cost per acquisition are required.

One of indicators is Click-Through-Rate CTR; which measures number of people who click on your online advertising as percentage of total audience who actually seen your ad. Higher CTR means that your ad is well-articulated in terms of ad text and image plus audience targeting and page location.

To get higher CTR, and to design high-performer advertising campaigns via Facebook platform, I highly recommend you to understand 8 rules that I found on AllFacebook dot com website. The rules were articulated for promoting Facebook page using Facebook ad, but they are actually applicable for getting higher CTR and lower CPC (Cost Per Click):

I do remember B2C brand (Saudi Arabia and Egypt mainly) that asked to analyze its Facebook campaigns performance. For more than 100 million impressions, I found average CTR of 0.04% while in this 2011 case study (How to get 1 cent CPC), Muslim countries Egypt and Pakistan got higher click-through-rate (both achieved 0.23%) for mother-kid related advertising campaign. However, below image shows my own 0.092% CTR score for my first Facebook ads promoting my job board blog:

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