Sunday, February 19, 2012

4 Considerations before Starting PPC Camapign (1-2)

As digital marketing consultant, I can daily see tens of online ads promoting political candidates, product discounts, and service promotions.

I can list 4 considerations for anyone who is willing to invest money to start internet advertising campaign (or as called sometimes Pay-Per-Click PPC campaign). I will start with 2 for now in this post (Remaining 2 considerations are listed here).

1- Facebook or Google Advertising Campaigns: Utilize the Power of Relevancy

As I explained with images here, pay-per-click PPC advertising platforms (Google and Facebook) have powerful options.
For example, political party can promote Facebook ads targeting only female audience with landing page that is Facebook note featuring how the party is addressing women-related concerns.
Same political party would run other campaign targeting teachers with party's specific solutions and ambitious goals for teachers community.
Below Facebook ad setting shows how you can target segment of teachers in Egypt:

2- Google AdWords and Web Paid Ads: Avoid Home Page as Landing Page
Choosing your website home page as landing page is really disaster that lowers your campaign effectiveness.
Online banner talking about price discount is expected to redirect me to dedicated web page showing store locations, offer validity and discount terms NOT the home page of the retailer.

Psychologically, typical internet user is not convenient with multiple changes in context. Internet user is not 100% focused on web page content, s/he has mobile phone ringing, unread email messages, couple of interested web pages plus the portal that publishes your ad.
Realizing this is essential for any digital marketer, social media consultant, or online marketing professional.

Next: 3rd and 4th considerations: Use Internet forums and start blogging.

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