Sunday, February 26, 2012

Email Marketing for Political Party in Egypt

As discussed in the previous post (Digital Marketing Strategy Plan for Political Party in Egypt), we will start with Email marketing as effective tool for delivering your message (i.e. internal elections) to your audience (i.e. political party members).
For objective 2 as example (donations from Egyptians living abroad), the political party can easily facilitate newsletter subscription dedicated for Egyptians living abroad (using IP filtering within website).
Website visitors generally don't give her/his email address easily. It is important to provide something useful for such visitor (such as PDF download for the party achievements in working-abroad related regulations).
The website would assign resources to send bi-monthly emails for news related to Egyptians living abroad (i.e. Ministry of Interior work permit, visa regulations, passport issuance procedures, etc).

The result of using email as marketing tool is more loyal audience (including non-members) as long as permission-based standards are used (For example via iContact or BenchmarkEmail).
For same objective, the political party can add calls for donations (including bank account numbers) within the periodical newsletters that are sent on frequent basis.

For objective 3 (communicate political messages), the political party can send decrees and decisions including internal regulations to email database of members. This ensures immediate delivery among members across Egypt.

Although email marketing campaigns have low open rate generally, we help you to get brilliant open rates since we pay attention for details such as subject line and design usability.
Over and above, we help you to sponsor your email newsletters.

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