Saturday, October 15, 2016

Egypt Detects 700K New Social Media Accounts Within 48hrs

Dandrawy Elhawary, the executive editor-in-chief of the Egyptian daily newspaper Youm7 "The seventh day" had announced the detection of 700,000 newly created accounts on the two social media platforms Facebook and Twitter within only 48 hours (Arabic content:!

He referred his sources to be 'security agencies'. He added according to what he claimed to be 'sources familiar with the matter' that those 700,000 social media accounts are an electronic army aiming to destabilize Egypt within upcoming few days by re-publishing old videos and also by spreading rumors and negative news on commodities shortages, price increase, and national mega-projects in a way similar to what happened with the viral driver video!

Same 'sources familiar with the matter' said that those 700,000 social media accounts are monitored and they ask Egyptian people not to respond to rumors on social media within upcoming few hours!

We are trying to reach out to Facebook and Twitter to verify those news that were published few hours ago (15th of October).

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Digital Communications: 7 Comments on Narrative PR Summit Website & Facebook Page

Promoted Facebook posts for Narrative PR Summit are clearly receiving likes from Arabic accounts (some with weird names) that are, obviously, irrelevant for such an event 

1- Website registration button and form both are USELESS - many people will submit and will think they've registered. For mobile users, register button @ website footer is not clickable because it is too small down the screen so you need extra step to zoom-in.
Recommendation: Eventtus link or widget should replace the registration form (that even has too much fields such as LinkedIn, etc). Collecting emails and database should not be an objective. Objective should be ticket sales - simple!

2- Website download agenda button is not working:

3- Website could have a separate page for each one of the speakers for SEO purposes

4- Too many hashtags are reducing organic reach of your Facebook posts - specially as they are undefined hashtags

5- Many Facebook posts are published without call-to-action (i.e. asking to register, checking event page, etc)

6- The 9th of September post that has call to action is redirecting to home page of Eventtus while banner resolution itself is very low (due to too much details and info).

7- Facebook advertising campaign needs some tweaks in targeting settings as I see many Arabic accounts liking their posts which are irrelevant segments (see the image above).

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rotana Terminates Amr Diab's YouTube Channel

YouTube channel of Amr Diab has been removed leaving his fans unable to access his songs hours before releasing his upcoming new album. YouTube message to anyone who tries to access the channel is:
"Amr Diab [Channel] has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted"

This is the second time for Amr Diab to have similar incident. On March 2015, two companies that produced some of his videos had submitted complaints to YouTube proving their rights with documents. According to the Dubai-based AlBawabah, YouTube sent an email warning Amr Diab if songs republished without prior permission from the copyright owners, his entire channel would be deleted from YouTube.

Rotana, Amr Diab's last producer, updated YouTube of court case against Amr to prevent him from releasing his upcoming new album. Based on that, according to FilFan entertainment portal, YouTube terminated the channel.

When our founder was in Dubai to attend a YouTube training program there at Google office, copyrights was a very important topic to be considered by any YouTube channel manager to avoid such incident. It is now clear that financial revenues for an artist or musician can be easily affected by her/his ex-producer.

Friday, February 26, 2016

4 Reasons Facebook May Discontinue Reactions

Couple of days ago, Mark announced the global launch of Facebook Reactions

Facebook has launched Reactions as "an extension of the Like button, to give Facebook users more ways to share your reaction to a post in a quick and easy way" according to an official press release.

Personally as an internet user since 1999 and as a social media consultant since 2009, I think, from my own point of view, that Facebook will discontinue this feature sooner or later for four reasons.

First Reason: Reactions Are Ignoring Usability Rule # 1: Do Not Make Me Think!
Social media's top advantage is its success to convert our complex interactions as human beings into just one simple action without too much thinking (like, retweet, share, etc).
The new Reactions are just complicating things because like, love and wow are more or less all similar to each other. Simply, Facebook users will need to think, even for a fraction of a second, whether to wow, love, or like a Facebook post about sunny day after series of rainy days.
Steven Krug's web usability reference is crystal clear dear Mark Zuckerberg: Do not make me think :)

Second Reason: Facebook Page Insights - No Updates!

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