Thursday, January 31, 2019

Instagram Fabricated The Most Liked Egg Photo?

On January 14th, everyone talked about the most liked Instagram egg photo; from Ellen Show & New York Times in the United States to Amr Adib in Egypt.

Taking into consideration that Instagram has 1 billion active users, it is suspicious that a brand new account uploads 1 egg photo on January 4th to receive 35 million likes in 10 days.

Did the Facebook-owned global PR machine fabricated the entire Instagram story?
Yesterday, the same giant hired 3 of its biggest privacy critics!
That's why a social media and digital marketing agency in Egypt proves it while US is silent

Account no one knows to receive 35M likes! Are you kidding me, Mr. Mark?

By all means, it doesn't make sense for a new unknown Instagram account to upload a photo that receives 3 likes let alone 35 million likes! Even if it was for a naked sexy celeb!

The photo caption doesn't even have any trending hashtag or a popular keyword so it would justifiably receive 35 likes not 35 million likes.

As an electronics and communications engineer, I have been using the internet since 1999 including its early social media types (forums, etc), and I can confirm 100% that Instagram egg story doesn't make sense.

The Algorithm: What you don't know about social media!

It is no secret that any business can hire any freelancer to hack Instagram algorithm.
Do you want to tell me that Facebook, the company behind Instagram itself, can't hack it as well?
You are not a true vegan if you believe Facebook :)

On July 2012, we published a post that proves the 1 million Twitter followers for an Egyptian artist were fake. As a result, Twitter immediately removed the artist account's blue verification badge and deleted about 500,000 of his followers as it went viral on Yahoo! OMG, regional news portals, and even local newspapers

But why would Facebook fabricate the most liked Instagram egg photo story?

To the best of my knowledge, I can list 3 possible reasons:

  1. Facebook aims to increase its stock price, shareholders expectations, and brand value before announcing the annual reports in April. Telling everyone on the planet earth that a photo received 51 million likes means people are using Instagram actively which means it has a growing success potential. It is not a coincident that Instagram announced its most liked photo in 2018 in the early days of February 2018.
  2. Pumping more big money into advertising revenue streams. Many public figures, giant B2C brands, etc will be eager to join the club in order to be account that broke the record to have the most liked photo on Instagram. Of course, organic likes will not reach 35 million likes or even 10% of it, so they would try investing in paid advertising campaigns.
  3. Attracting more new users while re-activating inactive users

The Algorithm controls countries, not only Instagram eggs!

In 2009, YouTube changed its home page layout in Egypt for 1 day to feature a video from the Green Revolution in Iran - although Egyptians hardly knew anything about Iran itself let alone its politics. This happened 2 years before the so called Jan 25 revolution.

On May 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood issued an official statement on their own official website urging its members to kill any judge, politician, journalist, officer, Christian priest, or Muslim scholar who work in or even with the Egyptian government!

Side note: when we finally got rid of Muslim Brotherhood criminals lawfully and restored our normal life, Macron came this week to lecture us on human rights without saying a word that condemns Muslim Brotherhood criminals in a country that its police doesn't have the advanced technical capabilities available in France, Europe or the United States of America (Cameras, etc).

On October 2016, a video aired on a TV channel for a driver harshly criticizing the government went viral receiving 300,000 Facebook shares (a number I had never seen in Egypt before) on the channel's page few days before major economic reform decisions taken by the government on November 3rd to float the currency!

The viral video created a chaos inside the Egyptian society to the extend a famous talk show anchor warned against an expected revolution.

On January 2019, Facebook in Egypt started to display some verified Facebook profiles recommending users in Egypt, in their News Feed, to follow them. Surprisingly, all accounts were belonging to well-known Egyptian opposition figures except one who is not pro government!
Facebook's Suggested People to Follow feature is politically biased for some reason against the Egyptian government!

What's Next?

Even Google, where executives were frequent visitors to the White House under the former Democrat President Mr. Barack Obama, acknowledged controlling the algorithm that shows search results against the American President Donald J. Trump, a republican, who complained publicly on Twitter.

While terrorists killed hundreds of Egyptians who were praying in churches and mosques, the algorithm designed and managed by Facebook, the most popular social media platform in Egypt, is not helping anyone but terrorist organizations.

Posts that justify killings, promote hate, and ignore facts are reaching everyone's News Feed unlike other posts.

It is crystal clear:
After the American president, Egypt itself is a target of internet and social media companies as a US foreign policy tool although Egyptians love the Americans, and Arabs were the first to acknowledge the US diplomatically in 1777!

In 1956, Egypt cofounded the Non-Aligned Movement with India, Indonesia, Ghana, and Yugoslavia. We need a similar movement now more than ever.

In the past, the US-Soviet cold war was mainly about politics and military interventions. Today, social media is not only about everyone's life, but even everyone's every life aspect from health to happiness and from finance to recruitment

I am running for the office of the syndicate of engineers in 2022, and I plan to start an independent social media initiative that balances both needs of community & companies addressing privacy concerns, algorithm updates, advertising transparency, government & media regulatory affairs, and terrorism activities. Anyone interested or willing to join once it is live can subscribe by sending even a blank message to

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