Sunday, April 30, 2017

Facebook Page Feature: Linked Groups

Facebook linked group feature is activated for groups created by Option B Facebook page.
Option B book is co-written by Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook

The social media platform Facebook said it is testing new features that link brand pages and groups, according to CNET report published few a couple of weeks ago.

Option B page is a community to help people face adversity and build resilience. It is inspired by Option B book by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant. Sheryl is the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook.

The above screenshot shows how linked group looks like, where LINKED is highlighted with red background. The closed Facebook group appears in the Facebook page tab as per below screenshot:

Groups tab appears on the Facebook page of Option B listing communities to help people face adversity and build resilience. 

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

President's PR Crisis: Viral Facebook Post

Screenshot for the viral post from the official Facebook page of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi triggering an online PR crisis for him:

Two days ago, the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi attended the monthly youth conference.
The Arabic unified hashtag that is used to cover conference news online was taken from a song by a famous underground band.
The hashtag is used in all posts by the President's official social media accounts. The hashtag reads Innovate & Move Forward:
The official Facebook page for our President was posting quotes from his speech.

What went viral?
The viral Facebook text post was quoting our President saying "Government debt jumped from EGP 700 billion to 3.4 trillion (3,400 billion)".

The post has been published with 2 fatal mistakes:
1- Adding the Arabic hashtag #أبدع_أنطلق
2- Ignoring a fact: The President in the video (starting minute 11) talked clearly about debt growth from 2011 to 2017, not only during his term.

Why viral?
Imagine a CEO of a company talking about debt growth from establishment date till the moment, while his body language shows him happily looking for more growth (in debt!).
It is about the context that hashtag wasn't matching at all for this specific Facebook post.

Now, imagine this same company CEO not emphasizing on the fact that debt growth was for the period from the year the company was founded 6 years ago (he was appointed only 2 years ago) until the moment!

What about President's official Twitter account?
The conference always gets trending on Twitter, which adds fuel to the fire. However, this specific was not tweeted by the official Twitter account of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Our team noticed that the order of posts published on his official Facebook page is different compared to same content published on his official Twitter account.

As posts were published 20 minutes after being actually aired on the television, we tend to believe that either an excerpt from the speech was published online randomly, or posts were published based on the Presidential social media team members own choices.

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Social Media Analytics Company: IPO?

This photo was posted on Twitter by the angel investor Halle Tecco showing Cloudera ticker symbol in New York Stock Exchange. Tweet source:

Can we see a social media analytics company applies for an initial public offering IPO?
The answer is Yes!

Cloudera, Inc. (NYSE: CLDR), the provider of the machine learning and advanced analytics built on the latest open source technologies, announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 15,000,000 shares of its common stock at a price to the public of $15.00 per share. The share price jumped to $18 on the first day today.

Big data and machine learning are used for social media analytics, online listening insights, and brand mentioning applications.

The case of Cloudera makes it possible for any social media analytics company with a solid business model based on a reasonable amount of users and/or traffic volume to apply for IPO. What do you think?

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Friday, April 28, 2017

YouTube Live Waiting Feature (Pope Francis)

Desktop video view for the waiting YouTube Live feature from the official channel of The Vatican.
The screenshot shows a picture of the Pope Francis

Today, we will highlight a YouTube live feature which is the waiting feature as per the above desktop screenshot.

Pope Francis is scheduled to arrive at Cairo Airport, Egypt within less than one hour from now. The official social media accounts of the Catholic Church in Egypt shared the below YouTube live video from the Vatican official YouTube channel:

The YouTube video will stream the official Pope visit to our President, our Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, and our Coptic Pope once Pope Francis arrives.

Now, the YouTube views counter is counting how many are waiting instead. Viewers can also set a reminder as per below screen shot from the YouTube mobile application itself.

Also, the YouTube Live feature shows the actual expected live date of the video as per below screenshot that shows the video from YouTube mobile application before setting the reminder:

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Social Media Case Study: Secure Accounts

Companies and their social media marketing managers need to have control over their official social media accounts to avoid what happened to Al Nour political party here in Egypt
An internal group within a political party in Egypt decided to separate and to hijack party's official accounts. The official spokesman announced on Twitter that the party on social media has been hacked!

AlNour Party conflict had brought into the discussion a very important question within companies and organizations about social media account security:
Who should manage and own access to social media accounts?
And how to secure social media accounts of your company?

As a social media and digital marketing company since 2011, New Egypt Consulting recommends the following to secure your business social media accounts:

1- Control your domain, hosting & email accounts:
It is highly recommended to limit access to the domain, hosting and email management control panel to specified employees who are directly reporting to senior board members.

2- Use a company email to register for social media accounts:

Email Marketing Campaign Optimization (Open Report Tip)

Analytics report shows Open statistics for one of our email marketing campaigns

One of the important email marketing reports is the Open report. It shows how many of your recipients had actually opened your email marketing message.
Generally speaking, each and every industry has its own average (percentage).

The above screenshot for a report from a campaign on iContact shows multiple opens for the email marketing message from a single recipient (31 times for the first-row email address).

Why? The two possible reasons are:

  1. The recipient has forwarded the message to multiple colleagues from her or his email contact list, or
  2. The email address itself is an alias that is being forwarded to different employees within the company.

We've been noticing that many recipients who contact us or our clients after an email newsletter are usually one of those who achieves multiple opens.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LinkedIn Ad Campaign Optimization (UAE Tip)

How to optimize LinkedIn advertising campaign? While we always recommend companies to be careful while advertising on LinkedIn as cost per click (CPC or PPC) is very high compared to AdWords and Facebook, they need to consider the target audience.

For example, once we target Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates, LinkedIn shows a target audience of 49,000 members.
LinkedIn members in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait

Once we deselect UAE, the counter went down to only 23,000 members. This means that UAE members are contributing to 50% of total LinkedIn members among those 5 countries.

While the screenshot is back to 2011, it is important to note that many of active LinkedIn members are based in UAE. However, it seems that Saudi Arabia has joined the momentum having almost same LinkedIn members as UAE, according to Statista numbers for Q1 2016.

It worth mentioning that LinkedIn itself unveiled yesterday that UAE professionals are the most web-connected globally as LinkedIn members in the UAE have an average of 211 connections making it ahead of the rest of the world.

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Google AdWords Campaign Optimization (3 Tips)

How to optimize Google AdWords campaign? We will share 3 hints today from our experience a digital & online advertising company.

1-Exclude Useless Demographics:
If you are a company promoting Facebook marketing service, why showing your Google AdWords ad to a teenager?

Demographic bidding is found under (Advanced Settings) under (Campaigns) tab within your Google AdWords account dashboard.

Case Study: Business Model for HP Company

It seems we are getting you some old stuff, but old is gold. Below is part of the proposed answer by our social media manager to his MBA comprehensive exam in the AAST (Dr. Sherif Delaware) in May 2009.

Its case was a new e-business unit within HP company in Egypt - a company that belongs to IT industry and is about to start e-business operations locally here in Egypt. MBA students were asked to analyze the environment (PEST and Porter) and to recommend the way HP should apply in Egypt.

Pre-Social Media Marketing Plan & Strategy (Pharos University)

How marketing plans and strategies looked like before social media?
We decided to share one with you.
It was the marketing plan and strategy outline prepared for Pharos University in Alexandria 10 years ago by our social media manager when he applied to a marketing vacancy there.


The role of the private sector in the education field is one of the most important and critical roles. Simply, education deals with the future of the nation.

Here in Egypt, the incredible increase in population, the limited capacity of the public universities and the coordination office system raise the need for more high education institutions that could provide a high qualified education with reasonable price.


Facebook Engagement Survey By Egyptian Company

One of the activities that trigger Facebook engagement is birthday occasions. It is commonly known that once a person has a birthday anniversary, tens of wall posts saying happy birthday are posted by friends, family members, colleagues, and co-workers.

During May 2011, we as a social media company had conducted a survey on a sample of 20 Facebook accounts for Egyptian citizens. The survey aimed to find out average happy birthday wall posts per Facebook user in Egypt.

We've found that the median number of birthday wishes published on wall posts was 36 while average number was 51 wall posts.
It worth mentioning that the two Facebook accounts with highest number of birthday wall posts were men working outside Egypt.

Sample characteristics are:
Total 1029 birthday wall posts (652 for men)
50:50 male and female
50:50 married and single
All were born between 1975 and 1985
Highest number of wall posts for a female Facebook account was 68 posts from friends
Highest number of wall posts for a male Facebook account was 171 posts from friends

How many happy birthday Facebook wall posts you get on average :)?

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Media: Mobile Banking & Apps Companies

April 2017: ​Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB) announced announcing the official launch of its mobile banking application, packed with features that revolutionize its customers’ banking experience - according to an official press release this week.

May 2011: National Bank of Egypt approved money transfer via mobile. Service would start in July 2011 according to Minister of Communications and Information Technology Maguid Ossman (Video reference here).

March 2010: Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that NBE (National Bank of Egypt) approved mobile banking regulations while banks are responsible to ensure solvency of their distributors.

Social Media Case Study: Vodafone Ad 2010

In November 2010, TV ad for mobile operator Vodafone Egypt promoting Internet USB services triggered a problem. The TV ad featured the Muslim aviator Abbas Ibn Fernas.

The ad had been perceived negatively, and a Vodafone customer posted YouTube video (below) saying he just returned the USB modem (as a way of protest) to Vodafone store behind him.

The YouTube video got more than 20,000 views (Very big number at that time). It worth mentioning that calls on social media were spreading asking customers to contact Vodafone Egypt customer service hotline number to express their objections.

Finally, Vodafone Egypt apologized, and stopped the ad broadcasting - making a good case study for how companies should be responsive to their customers who share their voices on social media platforms.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Social Media Case Study: Emirates Airline

Complaint link on Emirates Airline official Facebook page:

Companies use social media to support customer service operations but it seems Emirates Airline is not one of them although the company adds its logo to t-shirts of Real Madrid football club players.

An angry father posted his complaint to the official Facebook page of Emirates Airline highlighting how his unaccompanied son's flight from Germany to Dubai was a horrible experience with careless Emirates staff members.

For example, none of Emirates Airline staff members were speaking the German language that his father added to the booking application itself. They were not paying attention to kids, or even speaking to them properly.

The official Facebook page of Emirates Airline company commented on the complaint by saying we are sorry and, asked the father to submit a formal complaint on a given link. The guy responded saying the link is not working.

Surprisingly, Emirates Airline social media team responded to the father saying the link is only accessible using a PC or laptop not a mobile phone!

According to StatCounter, mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3% of internet usage worldwide in October compared to 48.7% by the desktop.

However, Emirates Airline is not caring if parents and travelers can't access their complaint form from their mobile devices while on the go.
Emirates Airline is not even caring if those who search on Google can find their website as Google algorithms are considering mobile compatibility.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Digital Marketing Case Study: OPPO Egypt

This screen shot for OPPO Egypt YouTube advertising campaign was taken yesterday by one of New Egypt Consulting team members

This is the second post from New Egypt Consulting to highlight social media and digital marketing case studies (First one here). 

Today, we will highlight an advertising campaign we saw online promoting OPPO, the Chinese company for mobile phone manufacturing. The campaign promotes OPPO's F1s selfie expert smartphone model through an excessive YouTube ad targeting Egypt (New Egypt Consulting doesn't work, never had worked, and will not work with OPPO Egypt Company).

1- Big Budget Campaign:

The advertising campaign is really big as it appears on YouTube homepage in Egypt (Such ads are sold via YouTube sales teams, not through Google AdWords)

Within one day (exactly 24 hours and 24 minutes), the YouTube video views jumped from 4,877,426 YouTube views yesterday to 5,569,543 YouTube views today. This means 692,117 new YouTube views.

Within the same period, channel subscribers jumped from 20,238 YouTube subscribers yesterday to 21,932 subscribers today. This means 1,694 new YouTube subscribers.

2- Video Ad: No Call-to-Action:

Although the video itself is short (which is a good thing), it has no call to action at all.

3- YouTube Video: No Response:

As a matter of fact given the huge amount of views received, tens of comments are there without any response from OPPO Egypt Company's YouTube channel.

4- Landing Page: No Social Media Integration:
When you click on the link within YouTube video description, OPPO Egypt company's landing page shows different features and specs of OPPO smartphone F1s.

However, the page (which is a part of OPPO Egypt company's website) doesn't have any links to Oppo's social media accounts. It doesn't even facilitate sharing the landing page itself to social media.

5- OPPO Egypt Company's Website: No Sales Information:

OPPO Egypt Company's official website
It was very noticeable for us to find that OPPO Egypt website doesn't list any details to addresses or even names of its distribution network across Egypt.

Contact Us page only shows a call center number and the address of what it seems to be the head office of the company here in Egypt (Nasr City).

6- OPPO Egypt Company's Facebook Page: Broken Sales Link:

When we tried to see OPPO's Facebook page to find out where customers can buy their smartphone F1s, we did not find any relevant post.

The first post that highlights such info was published 10 days ago and it redirects to a link that is not working on either mobile or desktop (They say it doesn't work on mobile anyway which is a funny thing).

7- YouTube Campaign ROI: Question Mark?

We've found out that the link embedded within YouTube video description had received only 2,567 clicks since its creation on March 20th, which indicates a very poor ROI, compared to millions of views received, if campaign objective is direct sales to company branches and distributors.

Businesses need to consider integration across social media and offline operations. Empowering local offices to have an input in what is going on will definitely maximize the ROI for any similar campaign with such a huge budget.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

3 Social Media Ideas for Business Travelers

If you enjoy traveling and trying different hotels (or motels) in different cities, this post is for you definitely whether you are traveling to San Francisco city in California (USA), or to my city Cairo (Egypt), or anywhere in the world - whether you are accompanied by a tourism company or just an entrepreneur traveling on your own.

Simply, business travelers (or any traveler actually) can check below social media platforms before arriving to your destination city:

1- Facebook Places for your destination city:
Click on the image to zoom-in

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