Saturday, May 5, 2012

Facebook Page & Twitter Account for Embassies

Official Facebook page of Egyptian MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)  shows low engagement activities due to posting 'plain-vanilla' news instead of engaging fans via asking for feedback about embassies' services, ideas for Minister to consider during official visit, etc

A Facebook page and Twitter account will help Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and embassies' staff to communicate effectively with country citizens abroad (i.e. students, tourists, patients, workers, etc) plus stakeholders like press, business corporations, and tourists.

Also, the embassy will utilize the Facebook page and/or Twitter account for communicating with potential workers, tourists, or visitors within specific countries (i.e. Saudi embassy in Cairo or Egyptian consulate in New York).

Both Facebook and Twitter are effective communication tools especially in crisis times and urgency matters. They also satisfy your audience (i.e. students abroad) by getting latest updates in simple and direct way. They would be a great channel to broadcast important news and regulations updates to the audience.

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