Saturday, March 17, 2012

Online PR Marketing for Political Party in Egypt

Public Relations (PR) is essential marketing item of any marketing strategy for any company or organization including any political party whether in Egypt or wherever. PR marketing is known for pharmaceutical companies, giant B2C brands, and political stars.
Online PR marketing includes scanning blogs replies, websites content, newspaper columns feedback, Twitter mentions, Facebook status, and YouTube comments.

As part of digital marketing strategy plan for political party in Egypt, it would be useful to utilize human resources to manually search Twitter each day for keywords related to the party, its key members, or recent activities.

For YouTube comments on the political party videos, they reflect somehow the public perception of video content. Forum topics also indicate how different segments are receiving the activities of the political party.
Newspaper comments and blog posts are key to be considered in order to shape solid picture about how different stakeholders are behaving toward the political party or its key members.

Although manual scanning or monitoring is available option, there are many tools that would be utilized for online PR marketing activities. We would recommend political parties to consider basic Google search in addition to 20 free social media monitoring tools; taking into consideration that Arabic content might be not supported for many tools. Hence, human interaction to manually search for political party sentiment among web spectrum.

The above was about listening to social media users (here is Vodafone Egypt Case-Study). But the most important thing is to interact with the entire audience segments to communicate your thoughts, thank your supporters, explain your speeches, and integrate your political marketing activities.

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