Monday, November 19, 2012

IT Privacy and Google: Side Effect of Technology

IT is simply about networking people and businesses together in different advanced ways that solved both managerial obstacles and operational challenges and hence changed our lifestyle.
Many non-IT people think that privacy is simply a statement at the bottom of each and every website, or that is related to Facebook location, image and video sharing options. Technology had empowered our lives. However, there were side-effects.

For example, website owners can simply detect the visitors; where they came from, time spent on the website, operations system, and more. When I firstly worked on Google Analytics, I got shocked by the amount of information available to me as account manager.

Google Analytics Statistics Sample

My ex-employer (NetSignature) is using Google-powered services including email; I seen how Google (theoretically at least) can know my contacts, calendar, shared documents, chat conversations, and even my search terms.

If you logged to Gmail and you were searching for dentist clinic in Cairo, then Google (again: theoretically at least) can know that you would apply for vacation even before your spouse and manager know!
Then, once you reserve clinic schedule via online application, then the application administration will know that between 4PM and 6PM you will be in XYZ location. If the online application is operated by Google, then Google (some call it God Google) can easily know that at that time you will not be in your office or home since you will be in that specific dentist clinic. Wow!
The above-mentioned scenario is terrible and encourages each and everyone to understand the new technologies to minimize their side-effects. If Facebook activated eCommerce platform so we can click (buy) just as we click (like), then you can imagine how personal information can be linked to your E-Commerce activities. Basically, anyone sees your full name at Facebook can retrieve your home phone number easily.
Actually, the picture is not completely black or danger. Business companies and advertisers are able more than anytime to tailor their marketing messages to reach us. Also, security forces can track the criminals and get them arrested by analyzing their online activities and behavior (YouTube helps Egyptian police to arrest criminals).
We should treat our laptops, login information, Facebook and email accounts plus even smart phones as just private properties that should not be rented or borrowed (By the way, Facebook has been criticized for reading Android users' text messages who install Facebook app).
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