Thursday, May 5, 2011

Official Facebook Pages of Egyptian Govrnment

In 15th of January 2011, the Facebook page We All Khaled Saed posted a picture of a virtual decree by the Egyptian President Mubarak announcing stepping down after 30 years as a public servant (the post said the signature is only remaining and decree would be effective once people went into streets in Jan25). After Jan25, Facebook in Egypt got more buzz.

Post published by Kollena Khaled Saied Facebook page dated 15th of January 2011 @ 10:17AM
The page is believed to be co-managed by Wael Ghonim and others

Of course, many Egyptians after Jan25 adopted Facebook more rapidly including the Egyptian government itself.

The first official Facebook presence was by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, followed by a Cabinet page featuring a video for the Prime Minister Ahmad Shafik:

1-Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) Page (970,000+ Facebook fans):

2-The Cabinet Page (320,000+ Members):
Also: Twitter account (14,000+ Followers)

3-Prime Minister Essam Sharaf Page (160,000+ Facebook fans):

Twitter account (28K+ Followers; compared to 1.7M+ Followers for UK PM )

4-Attorney General "Neyabah Ammah" Page (86,000+ Facebook fans):

5-Ministry of Interior (MoI) Page (61,000+ Facebook fans):

6-Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) Page (1,000+ Facebook fans):

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick Guide to Web Conferencing Services

Web conferencing services really support e-learning, training, and marketing purposes including training sessions, online events, and live lectures. In this post, we will go through a quick guide to web conferencing.
Vendors: WebTrain, Genesys, GoToMeeting, Nefsis, Infinite, Polycom, IBM Lotus, Saba, Dimdim, WebEX (Amazing Cisco-supported), and Microsoft Live Meeting are all samples of well-known web conferencing software and services providers with their own segmentation.

Evaluation: In order to evaluate web conferencing service for a business entity or learning institution, decision makers have to consider four factors:

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