Monday, January 2, 2012

Social Media Consultant Criticizes Political Campaigns in Egypt (1-2)

As social media consultant living in Cairo, I can daily see tens of online ads promoting Cairo candidates for parliament elections. Online ads include Google-powered ads and Facebook ads plus paid ads on major news portals and famous websites. Political parties are joining the competition as well promoting their programs and membership applications.

However, I can highlight four comments on the online ads that I had seen for political parties and parliament candidates. Will start with 2 for now in this post (Part 2 of my criticisms here).

1- Facebook Advertisement Campaigns: Utilize Power of Relevancy

I could see many Facebook ads promoting Facebook pages of Cairo candidates or even for a political party official page.
From my own point of view, it could be useless to redirect users who click on your ad to your Facebook page wall or custom tab with just welcome statement.

As I explained with images here, pay-per-click PPC advertising platforms (Google and Facebook) have powerful options.

For example, political party can promote Facebook ads targeting only female audience with landing page that is Facebook note featuring how the party is addressing women-related concerns.
Same political party would run other campaign targeting teachers with party's specific solutions and ambitious goals for teachers community.
Below Facebook ad setting shows how you can target segment of teachers in Egypt:

2- Google AdWords and Web Paid Ads: Avoid Home Page as Landing Page
While it is logic to choose Facebook landing page for Facebook ads, it is essential to tailor landing page for your online ads elsewhere.
Choosing your website home page as landing page is really disaster that lowers your campaign effectiveness.
Online banner talking about political party program for enhancing employment rates is expected to redirect me to employment part of the political party program NOT the home page of the political party website.

Psychologically, typical internet user is not convenient with multiple changes in context. Internet user is not 100% focused on web page content, s/he has mobile phone ringing, unread email messages, couple of interested web pages and the portal that hosts your ad.
Realizing this is essential for any digital marketer, social media consultant, or online marketing professional.

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