Saturday, February 18, 2012

Focus Groups as Marketing Application for Social Media Networks

A published post titled (What to Listen For in Social Media) talked about listening to customers on social media channels.
Utilizing customer feedback and service via social media networks is essential for business corporations and NGOs especially giant ones (Even YouTube would support Egypt police security forces).

In her great book Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter, & Other Social MediaLiana Evans referred to social media clients as best focus groups. She referred to Dell experience as example of getting most-demanded ideas and features by listening to customers directly via IdeaStorm.

As mentioned in our post 4 Business Uses for Facebook Page, brand managers who plan for new product launch can utilize Facebook page. They can use it to enhance product features. Market research firms can use Facebook to know how customers are actually using website or iPad application or to get insights from IT application users. Your Facebook page is your cost-effective focus group in such cases.

Honestly speaking, we are under-estimating the power of internet technologies here in Egypt although web provides not only free HR tools, but also time-saving and productivity-oriented applications.

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