Friday, July 31, 2015

Welcome Post: Conversation Between 2 Digital Marketing Agencies

An interesting social media conversation happened between two leading digital marketing agencies on their official Facebook pages. An employee working at PromoLinks had moved to another company called Kijamii - both companies are well-known digital marketing agencies.

The employee's ex-employer (PromoLinks) posted a Facebook post mentioning Kijamiis' official page asking for a welcome post. It has been a common trend across HR managers to post a to the company's official social media accounts welcoming the new employees.

فين يا Kijamii ؟!
Posted by PromoLinks on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In a creative way and after only five hours, Kijamii responded. Its official Facebook page posted a photo from a welcoming party for this new employee (His name is Moghazy) where all faces were replaced by the face of the new employee. The page hence asked the fans to recognize the real Moghazy. The post got a very high engagement rates comparing to entire page's posts this month.

يا PromoLinks من النهارده مفيش welcome post، إحنا الwelcome post! #ابحث_عن_مُغازي_الحقيقي
Posted by Kijamii on Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Although it was clear (and logic) that posts were mutually agreed to before they were posted, but it was a brilliant engaging idea.

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