Monday, March 13, 2017

Careem Fired Wael Fakharany! Why? 6 Social Media Posts Explain!

Thank you very much for visiting New Egypt Consulting blog, and for your interest in reading our viral post:
Why Careem Fired Wael Fakharany? 6 Social Media Posts Explain!

We all are human beings, and we all do mistakes, and no one will be happy if a company documented all those 'mistakes' in a single viral blog post for whatever reason. That's why we removed the post.

We respect both Wael Fakharany and Careem Egypt - although we do not have any personal or business relationship with both (and never had before, and will not have in the future).

Kindly if you still have time, feel free to watch this short video for Wael Fakharany explaining why he got fired after rejecting a USD 300,000 bribe:


Thank you very much all for your understanding :)

As a social media company since 2011, New Egypt Consulting recommends public figures and corporate executives to pay attention to their online mentioning and social media engagement.

Social media is not only affecting companies and organizations, but it does affect individuals and their career & reputation.

New Egypt Consulting is a digital marketing & social media company based in Cairo since 2011.
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  1. Very very well thoughts and analysis and you are connecting the dots quite well. At the end of the day there are some other aspects that will Paolo obably remain hidden like fund raisers contributions or reccomendations for key players in such a unicorn getting all the funds from others. Careem took fatal/critical wrong mistaken decisions in the past 7 months and one of the worst was not revealing or trying to be nice when firing Wael. If I will fire anyone, I will clearly expose the true reasons without going personal against the fired person regardless his title. I am the owner and I fire whomever I want, period. Now, this is causing collateral damage on Carem but major damage for Wael, and the worst is yet to come with Ramy :)

  2. I like your investigation. Nice work

  3. Well structured report. It reveals some hidden factors. Not All factors though.
    My question is : are you (as a company) hired by Careem to do this ? If yes, you should state that clearly. If not, then I wonder about the motive and the source of information. Appreciate an answer for my question.

  4. "Simply, PR activities could be outsourced on an on-demand model to a PR firm for mass media stuff, or a social media agency for digital media public relations."

    It looks Careem take your advice into consideration and hired you to write this report :)

  5. It's unfortunate that you feel you have to defame someone (he previously got fired on a Tuesday?). I wonder how you'd feel if someone wrote something as ridiculous on you?

  6. Vague conclusions based on clueless facts...I'll use your methodology and persume you're hired by Careem :)

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