Monday, March 19, 2012

Blog Marketing for Political Party in Egypt

Political parties in Egypt are really under-estimating the power of internet blogs. Once supported with content writing team and news representatives, an official blog for a party would act as focal URL for any news related to the party, the members, events, conferences, key decisions, or internal elections. Public relations agencies have to really consider blogs, not only for political parties, but also for consumer brands and NGOs.

If I would recommend 5 social media platforms for the public relations strategy within political party, I would list the blogs as high priority. Many of my blog readers now would ask: why blogs are so important? The answer simply is: SEO.

For some keywords such as (social media consultant egypt), our website appears in 1st page of Google search results only 3 months after installation, Thanks to our blog! Now, we appear in 1st page ans 2nd page of search engine results for majority of relative keywords

A blog with updated unique content is essential to rank the political party's website (or any agency or company website) within first pages of search engine results. Search engine crawlers are sensitive to unique new content. Of course, any political party is having great its internal news that would truly enrich the blog (uniqueness factor). Uniqueness here means original content not just copy-n-past from news websites.
Matt Cutts, the famous Google software engineer, is recommending blog installation as effective SEO tip for better website ranking within search results (Blogs & SEO including Video from Google).

Over and above, the blog would be useful tool for communications department or public relations officers to expand thoughts and insights to website audience. Please note that website audience for political party in Egypt covers wide range of segments such as political marketing consultants, potential members, existing members, media agency representatives, members from other parties, university professors, ordinary citizens, parliament members, Egyptians living / working abroad plus other stakeholders. This maximizes the reach-ability of the political party message toward different stakeholders' segments on the internet.

Two important comments regarding blog marketing for political party in Egypt:
1- Blog platforms allow content sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email, etc. This means more socially shared news and more viral PR releases.
2-If you do not like the term 'blog', you can use 'news'. So, blog website would be news website, simply!

If you went back to first article within Digital Marketing Strategy Plan for Political Party in Egypt, you will easily find that blogs can support multiple marketing objectives.
For objective5 (Promote key members to be prepared as civil servants in near future), the official blog of the political party can be utilized to publish series of articles written by means one or more of its key members. The key member would share her/his experience within municipal affairs for example.

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