Saturday, October 15, 2016

Egypt Detects 700K New Social Media Accounts Within 48hrs

Dandrawy Elhawary, the executive editor-in-chief of the Egyptian daily newspaper Youm7 "The seventh day" had announced the detection of 700,000 newly created accounts on the two social media platforms Facebook and Twitter within only 48 hours (Arabic content:!

He referred his sources to be 'security agencies'. He added according to what he claimed to be 'sources familiar with the matter' that those 700,000 social media accounts are an electronic army aiming to destabilize Egypt within upcoming few days by re-publishing old videos and also by spreading rumors and negative news on commodities shortages, price increase, and national mega-projects in a way similar to what happened with the viral driver video!

Same 'sources familiar with the matter' said that those 700,000 social media accounts are monitored and they ask Egyptian people not to respond to rumors on social media within upcoming few hours!

We are trying to reach out to Facebook and Twitter to verify those news that were published few hours ago (15th of October).

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