Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Facebook Marketing for Political Party in Egypt

Internet ads generally and Facebook ads namely are allowing advertising agencies to  reach  specific segments
The screen shot above shows Facebook ad settings for targeting HR & recruitment employees

As eMarketing company specialized in digital advertising services and social media solutions, Facebook is an important marketing tool for our customers.

Just like Twitter marketing for any political party, it is essential to have official Facebook page representing the political party and spreading its communication messages, key events, press releases, and TV interviews.

It is recommended to have similar Facebook pages for key officials (i.e. spokesman, president, parliament members, etc). Such personal accounts are very important to keep the party connected to its wide spectrum of stakeholders.

Sometimes, parliament member would be keen to respond to rumor that has been spread out via media channels. Here, most internet users would search for pages or information related to that parliament member in order to get more reliable responses or clarifications.

"Support field activities of both parliament members and elections candidates" This was the marketing objective 4 within first post of this series of Digital Marketing Strategy Plan for Political Party in Egypt.
Categorized Facebook pages (per governorate or profession) are helpful to successfully achieve such objective effectively. Such Facebook pages would focus its content and status updates on relative community activities (i.e. public meetings, charity activities, syndicates elections, training sessions, emergency news, etc).

One more thing to mention for official Facebook page management is to 'Like' other official Facebook pages. For example, the political party page for Alexandria governorate should 'Like' Cairo governorate page, official party page, spokesman page, etc. This hint would be applied for similar digital media and social networking tools such as Twitter accounts for example.

For Facebook advertising, it had been previously covered within 2 posts; one for online advertising with images (Arabic) and second post of Social Media Consultant Criticizes Political Campaigns in Egypt.

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