Thursday, January 31, 2019

Instagram Fabricated The Most Liked Egg Photo?

On January 14th, everyone talked about the most liked Instagram egg photo; from Ellen Show & New York Times in the United States to Amr Adib in Egypt.

Taking into consideration that Instagram has 1 billion active users, it is suspicious that a brand new account uploads 1 egg photo on January 4th to receive 35 million likes in 10 days.

Did the Facebook-owned global PR machine fabricated the entire Instagram story?
Yesterday, the same giant hired 3 of its biggest privacy critics!
That's why a social media and digital marketing agency in Egypt proves it while US is silent

Account no one knows to receive 35M likes! Are you kidding me, Mr. Mark?

By all means, it doesn't make sense for a new unknown Instagram account to upload a photo that receives 3 likes let alone 35 million likes! Even if it was for a naked sexy celeb!

The photo caption doesn't even have any trending hashtag or a popular keyword so it would justifiably receive 35 likes not 35 million likes.

As an electronics and communications engineer, I have been using the internet since 1999 including its early social media types (forums, etc), and I can confirm 100% that Instagram egg story doesn't make sense.

The Algorithm: What you don't know about social media!

It is no secret that any business can hire any freelancer to hack Instagram algorithm.
Do you want to tell me that Facebook, the company behind Instagram itself, can't hack it as well?
You are not a true vegan if you believe Facebook :)

On July 2012, we published a post that proves the 1 million Twitter followers for an Egyptian artist were fake. As a result, Twitter immediately removed the artist account's blue verification badge and deleted about 500,000 of his followers as it went viral on Yahoo! OMG, regional news portals, and even local newspapers

But why would Facebook fabricate the most liked Instagram egg photo story?

To the best of my knowledge, I can list 3 possible reasons:

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