Friday, February 17, 2012

YouTube helps Egyptian Police to Arrest Criminals?

Screenshot dated 16-April-2011 where bottom image shows same-day official statement from Egyptian police (in form of Facebook note on its official fan page) announcing details of arresting a killer whose crime was uploaded to YouTube.
The upper image shows YouTube video comments on clip documenting the crime where 2 commentators had identified the name of the killer who appeared in the video five days before official police statement.

Well, we're witnessing the age of social media networks that had supported the revolutions within middle east and Arabic region since December 2010 (3 Facts Explain Myths about Social Media & Egypt's Jan25).

But giant video sharing website YouTube seems to support the Egyptian police forces to arrest criminals!
During the 3-months of instability after Jan25, a street killing crime occurred in Alexandria city (both killer and victim were well-known outlaws).
The video was uploaded to YouTube and tens of thousands witnessed it, which had sparked both community and media reaction. Some commentators identified the name of the killer within the video clip as above-image shows.

The video is hard to be added here, but above is a YouTube thumbnail

It was a matter of week or less for Ministry of Interior and its police forces to get the killer arrested. Since it was clear from YouTube comments that he is well-known outlaw person. The official police statement shows record of more than 35 previous charges for him.
YouTube comment on killing video where the commentator identifies the killer and asks whoever sees her/his comment to report the name to the police security authorities

Frankly speaking, I do not have evidence or hint about whether our police had utilized YouTube to identify the killer or not. However, this case study shows all of us how important is utilizing social media networks to get insightful data even within marketing and brand side.
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