Friday, December 23, 2011

Google Egypt 2.0 Day 1: Google AdWords, Analytics & Apps

Two Google AdWords Sessions:
It was surprise for me to see huge percentage of audience to attend the two sessions for Google AdWords that was presented by three Google AdWords specialists.
That presentation went technical before explaining the ‘big picture’ of Google AdWords without its complex terminologies and advanced options. May be I am saying that because I am digital marketing freelancer and online marketing consultant, and I met clients who really want to understand online media in somehow simple way. I believe that communicating such issue would truly boost the web advertising and internet marketing here in Egypt.

Google Egypt 2.0 Day 1: Google Innovations, Localization & GTUG

Google Innovations:
Self-driving cars was the most interested part of this seminar.  As I understood, Google works on programming chips for cars so they would be auto-driven in order to allow car sharing.  Car sharing means that you do not have to own a car, but a car will get you to work, while then the same car will serve other passengers around city and then you will find one when you get to home. It is amazing sort of Could Cars similar to Cloud Computing.
 I tried to get the video we see but failed to find it as even Google Egypt 2.0 presentations are still not uploaded! However, this video helps:

Google Technology User Groups (GTUG):

Google Egypt 2.0 Day 1: Digital Marketers meet Online Media Giant

Sunday 11th of December was first day of 3-days series of Google Egypt Days that was held in Fairmont Heliopolis here in Cairo.

The event had many parallel tracks for digital marketing and online media topics including Google services, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Plus, Google AdSense, and Google Apps plus session for Arabic localization of Google.
The audience has huge number of juniors or university students as well as fewer numbers of digital marketing consultants, telecom regulatory bodies, IT managers, software developers, entrepreneurs, etc. The only issue was not having wireless network plus down of MobiNil USB Modem service that was truly disappointing. Fortunately, signal mobile phone line (MobiNil also) was OK, so the problem was not severe.

Welcome Keynotes (and Google VP Presentation in Arabic):
First presentation was conducted by Mohammad Gawdat who is Google’s Vice President Emerging Markets. Wael Fakharany introduced Gawdat as the manager of Wael's manager.
The Google VP presentation was in Arabic as well as slides themselves; and title was
 في أوروبا والدول المتقدمة .. لا يأكلون مع الكباب طحينة

Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Tactics to Measure Online Marketing ROI

Social media marketing is about ROC: Return on Conversation as Liana Evans indicated in her book. While cost is considered in any marketing campaign, ROI calculations are used for direct marketing and general advertising activities.
Social media engagement activities via Facebook, LinkedIn, forums, Twitter, or YouTube, etc are measured by return on conversation (post, retweet, like, comment, share, reply, etc).

However, below are 5  useful tactics to measure online marketing performance:

1.    Analyze website visitors; where they came from, how they are browsing your pages, new visitors, etc. If you’re investing in social media engagement, you would track how this reflects in more website visits from those social media accounts. Google Analytics is a great tool to perform such analysis including In-Page Analytics.

2.    Assign dedicated email and/or phone number for your online advertising campaigns and social media accounts. This will help decision makers to track sales leads that were initiated via Twitter engagement for example while others were initiated via website contact form. This blog article here highlights 5 website success measures.

3.    Track online leads (i.e. website contact form tickets). This helps your company to realize the effect of advertising campaigns in terms of number of tickets, number of new followers, number of Facebook page likes, etc.

4.    Adjust call-to-action and advertising settings: CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is one of indicators used to evaluate online ads performance.
We at New Egypt Consulting had executed Google ads with CTR 1.68% and Facebook ads with CTR 0.292% and 0.07%. More about Facebook CTR in Saudi Arabia and Egypt here.

5.    Appearing in 1st page of Yahoo!/Google: SEO adjustment and updated blog are key factors to help your company to appear in search results related to your business. New Egypt Consulting itself appears in first page of major search engines (more interested SEO hints here).
Are you looking for consultation or execution of online advertising campaign?
Do you need cost-effective Facebook ads ?
Do not hesitate to contact New Egypt Consulting:

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