Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Social Media Consultant Criticizes Political Campaigns in Egypt (2-2)

In the first post, I highlighted two major comments on online political campaigns here in Cairo and Egypt generally:
Ignoring the Facebook advertising targeting options, and redirecting other ads to Home Page of website of either parliament candidate or political party.

Today, I am going to highlight the remaining two comments (3rd and 4th) on current internet advertising and marketing activities that promote political parties and parliament candidates:

3- Ignoring Internet Forums:
Forums had been ignored by marketers who are planning for internet advertising campaigns.
Today; Fatakat women Arabic forum is ranked 8th in Alexa as top most visited websites in Egypt.

Marketing and brand managers are usually keen to use advertising channels that pay its return quickly (i.e. Facebook ads, Google AdWords campaigns, etc).

However, engaging via forums would be more viral and more effective for long-term successful campaign. As this reference book says, social media return is about Return On Conversation ROC mainly.

Forums have hundreds of committed members who interact and communicate on frequent basis in their own world. Those forums are being visited by their own relative audience whether car owners (Nile Motors forum) or Egyptians living outside Egypt (Egyptian Talks forum).

For political party, being member in forum communicating with members, highlighting candidates, promoting activities, and professionally handling criticism; all are essential social media engagement tactics.

Social media platforms are your focus group as marketing manager (Focus groups as marketing application for social networks). Listening to forum conversations and responding to them professionally are essential for any reputable brand or ambitious political party. Actually, you will find forum members who are defending your thoughts, and promoting your candidates; they are your loyal activists as well.

3- Under-estimating Power of Blogs:

Today; the two famous blogging platforms Blogger and WordPress are ranked 70th and 73rd in Alexa as top most visited websites in Egypt.

Blogs are powerful web-based communication tool. Bloggers have their own communities, supporters, followers, and commentators. Being there with well-written post can promote your political party activities and make them viral.

Relevancy in blog (and internet generally) is your key to truly spread the word about yourself or your political party.
Communicating your employment plans to blog related to job search hints or career development consultations is highly paying its ROI. Such communication could be by posting, commenting, sharing, or linking to blog post itself from political party official website.
You can even communicate with blog owner so s/he might be interested to feature your related story.

Blogs have other important side related to search engine optimization SEO. Updated blogs owned by political party to publish the news and statements is essential to attract search engine crawlers frequently. Here is case study featuring the positive effect of blogs on SEO.

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