Friday, January 13, 2012

4 Business Uses for Facebook Page

1- Advertising:
You must ask yourself: why B2C brands are investing may be zillions of dollars to advertise their own Facebook pages or YouTube channels (i.e. CocaCola)?

My answer is:
Brands are actually not paying for just page or channel, they are paying for effective marketing tool that spread the word of their campaigns, CSR activities, new promotions, etc.

People are psychologically social and keen to share what they watch or know. It is common practice even in work places to see people around screen watching YouTube clip or discussing Facebook status by public figure.

Having Facebook page with relative fan members will truly enhance your marketing campaigns performance. It is 100% guaranteed ROI investment.

B2B brands might have logical reasons to be not active in Facebook and social media.
However, B2B marketing managers can utilize Facebook page to advertise CSR activities (blogs can be used as well) and HR vacancies (blogs can be used as well). In latter case, you can easily receive qualified CVs from your brand advocates (depending on how much fans do you have).

2- Overall Feedback:
Helnan Marina Sharm Hotel (Egypt, Red Sea) informs the guests to post  their feedback  on

Both business owners and digital marketing managers can easily get instant feedback about restaurant or resort service by listening to Facebook fans, reading their comments, and taking actions based on that.
Nobody can ignore such feedback. Tourism industry is most sensitive to online hotel reviews for example. I know Egypt-based 5-Starts hotel that rewarded junior employee for positive feedback posted on TripAdvisor.
An Hotel located in Sharm El Shiekh is responding to each and every hotel review.

3- Focus Group:
Are you brand strategy manager planning for new product launch?
Looking to enhance product features?
Willing to know how your customers are actually using your website or iPad application?
Do you need survey about usability insights from your IT application users?

Your Facebook page is your answer that is cost-effective.

The American computer manufacturer Dell had created dedicated website - not just Facebook page- called IdeaStorm for this purpose.
Honestly speaking, we are under-estimating the power of internet technologies here in Egypt although web provides not only free HR tools, but also time-saving and productivity-oriented applications.

4- Brand Engagement:
It is essential to engage your Facebook fans. Investing only in getting as much members as you can, then ignoring engaging them is a complete disaster.

Investing in engaging the fans would support your activities and differentiate your brand among competitors. Facebook allows you even to customize your marketing messages to your audience within specific city or country or even language.

Some engagement tactics include:
  • Highlighting your activities and employee outings
  • Share industry insights and news
  • Uploading photos of events attended
  • Post relevant comments to relative posts of other pages (Avoid spamming)
  • Ask your fan members relative questions or related to life updates
  • Enrich your posts by sharing text, videos, images, links, etc.
  • Diversify the time of Facebook page posts; post in morning, afternoon, and 2 hours before mid-night; weekends and weekdays.

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