Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marketing or Sales? 3 Reasons to Invest in a Blog

In today's world, each and every business organization is working hard to compete and strive.
Companies invest to train their employees, publicize advertising campaigns and build user-friendly websites.

Seriously, sales managers and marketing directors (i.e. CMO) have to consider budgeting for add a blog to the company website. I can list three reasons that would encourage marketing departments within corporations to start official blog and continuously develop and update its content. Here are the 3 reasons:

Reason #1 : Highlight Your Company Business Experience:
Gone are the times when website visitors were looking for working hours and contact information. Now, potential clients are looking for relative previous experiences while potential suppliers are looking for relative assessment information.
Also, employees and job seekers all are looking for relative career-related news (see reason #3).

With today's revolution of social media tools (and blogs are part of them), people are looking for additional relative information.
Bloggers are great tool for any company or enterprise to promote its products and services.

By starting official blog at your company website domain (i.e., you can share your company experiences with its diversified clients. Without violating client confidentiality, you can highlight funny situations, practical hands-on, training events,conferences attended.

This blog ( is direct example for having updated blog. I had posted articles about social media outsourcing tip, email marketing hands-on, maximizing website ROI and other topics that highlight my expertise in online marketing and social media consulting. The blog will help your company to spread confidence among its stakeholders.

Reason #2 : Promote Your Website URL:
The periodically updated blog enhances your website URL ranking in search engines results. The fresh updated content is contributing to factors that arrange search engines results. The more frequent you update the website, the more chance for it to appear in higher ranking.

The blog by its nature allows your company to post news and topics that have wider keywords and content words. Hence, search crawlers will have better visibility to your website. When you search Google for (internet marketing consultant egypt), New Egypt Consulting will appear in 3rd page. The link is not for our website URL, it is for this blog URL.
While some companies prefer to pay for aggressive search-engine-optimization SEO techniques (i.e. back-links buy), I would rather prefer to invest in a blog that is bi-weekly updated. The content can be easily contributed by company employees.

Reason #3 : Publish Your Job Vacancies:
The return on investment (ROI) for blogging is almost guaranteed 100%. Once the company adds a blog to its official website, vacancies can be published via the blog.
As you are working in marketing or sales function, you will be eager to announce job vacancies within your department. In addition to posting vacancies via paid ads in newspapers or online job forums, you can post the vacancies via your blog.

As time passes and you enrich your bog content, you will gain more visitors and more subscribers. They are a community that is truly connected to your business and your company. This community for sure has segment of potential job seekers.

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Now, do you have questions about utilizing blogs for your company or business?
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