Friday, September 2, 2011

Corporate HR Manager? 3 Reasons to Start Recruitment Blog

In today's world, each and every business organization is working hard to compete and strive.
Companies invest to train their employees, hire eMarketing consultants, and build user-friendly websites.
Seriously, human resources (HR) directors, recruitment managers, and career development counselors all have to get management approval to add official blog to the company web.
Current blogging technologies give option to easily and effectively manage let's say two blogs; private blog for company employees and public one for advertising career vacancies and job-related PR activities. You can even create one unified blog using WordPress that allows protecting posts with password.
 I can list three reasons that would encourage training and HR departments within corporations to start official blog and continuously develop and update its content. Here are the 3 reasons:

Reason #1 : Ensure Transparent Communications:
Having official career blog helps you publicize HR and personnel regulations which saves time of employees and executives. Company employees can subscribe to automatically receive new blog posts (holidays, news, regulations, etc).

You can adjust blog visibility settings so only authorized employees can browse and view the posts related to company policies and announcements.
Communicating HR regulations and personnel policies will help you to deliver them to remotely-located employees and current ones who have their holiday vacations. Also, blogging the new rules will spread the transparency among entire organization.

Reason #2 : Publish Job Vacancies and Training Programs:
The return on investment (ROI) for blogging is almost guaranteed 100%. Once the company adds a blog to its official website, vacancies can be published via the blog whether to internal employees or to public website visitors.

As you are working in career and HR function, you will be eager to announce job vacancies. In addition to posting vacancies via paid ads in newspapers or online job forums, you can post the vacancies via the recruitment blog. Same thing applies for advertising training programs and internships for college fresh graduates.
As time passes and you enrich your bog content, you will gain more visitors and more subscribers. They represent a community that is truly connected to your business and your company. With updated blog and well-developed content, your community will have mix of employees, potential job seekers, and college students.

Reason #3 : Share Training Courses and Practical Experiences:
Internal recruitment blog is ultimate tool to share employees knowledge among entire company offices and overseas branches.
Oil exploration experience that is carried by field engineer in Egypt's dessert can be shared via the blog, so field engineers in South Africa can learn from it whether it is hint to save time, mistake to be avoided or even fun activities.
Gone are the times were big books are sent to employees' desks to read. Now, it is just blog post URL to be sent. If your company utilizes other eMarketing and social media tools, then benefits will be maximized. For example, having YouTube video channel can broadcast factory safety tips or machine maintenance hint.
Employees training is valuable investment. Why not supporting trainees from Cairo office to share their training content and experience with company worldwide offices via blog post or even via web conferences for example?

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