Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Tips to Use Email Campaigns for Business Advertising

1- Send Monthly Newsletter: Allow your website visitors to submit their emails to receive your monthly newsletter. Explain briefly the value of subscription (i.e. exclusive discounts, industry updates, etc). However, it is important to allocate time to prepare and send the newsletter at time, do not underestimate newsletters, please:).

2- Prioritize Email Marketing: Do not depend only on traditional online marketing channels. For example, announcing job vacancies via recruitment websites and related Facebook and twitter accounts is something good. However, announcing them via email campaign to previous job applicants and those who applied for your career newsletter will get you more qualified CVs.

3- Consider Email Groups: Specialized email groups are highly recommended to directly reach your potential segment. In Egypt, IEEE has its own email group. For both Gulf and Egypt, targeting pharmacists and medical representatives would be recommended via Pharmacists Coffee. Targeting alumni groups for MBA and colleges is recommended as well.

At New Egypt Consulting, we tailor email advertising solutions that match your business needs at affordable cost and minimum operations headache. Our email marketing services include sales writing, newsletter design counseling, content development and campaign management plus tracking follow-ups. Do not hesitate to contact us now:

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