Monday, September 5, 2011

6 Basic P's for Business Email Communications

If you are sending important email related to meeting request, or client presentation, then please go ahead and communicate it verbally with the recipients (face-to-face or via phone).
Email communications doesn't mean sticking to PC monitor, it is also about face-to-face interaction especially in important emails.
It had been known psychologically that human focus in face-to-face communications is much higher than email notifications.

2-Prioritize and Summarize:

When you write email to supplier, manager or colleague, do your best to arrange your content.
Try to start with what exactly you are asking for (i.e. to set meeting with finance discussing new payment schedules). Then, you can briefly explain the situation or reasons for your request.
If you are forwarding PDF file for recent survey, indicate why it might be important for recipients to check it.
For example, if you are working for web development or eMarketing company and you're forwarding growing internet penetration statistics, then you can write in email body something like "this will support sales presentations to highlight the potential of eMarketing activities to add value to our clients".

Some emails are having information that is needed all time for next week work for example. Instead of opening the email each time you discuss the matter or having the laptop with you, you can simply print it out especially if it is all about few pages (i.e. 5 pages).
You might receive detailed client feedback that you would like to check and analyze while you drive back to your home, why not to print it?

Email signature is something reflects your corporate identity. Why not to add your phone and your Facebook page icon to it?
Full contact info at email signature is really essential to save time for your contacts.
Have your IT department to design modern layout for employees email signatures. You can promote leading event or leading contract in 1 line in your email signature.

Websites of companies are interacting with feedback and questions via email addresses or contact forms. Contact forms send the filled information to certain email address within the company.
It is key step for companies to periodically check their contact forms and public email addresses to ensure the smoothness of receiving questions, requests or feedback.
It is very bad when you visit company and you fill their online contact form to receive error message. Or to email them via announced email address but get failure delivery message. This check should be added to KPIs of technical or IT department.


For any company, it is normal to have employees leaving to another companies or retire, am I right?
Fine. What do you do with their email accounts?

Remove them? Well, it is not wise decision.
If potential client had contacted one of your ex-employees within sales organization regarding business deal, and the client got failure delivery response, while another competitor won the deal, is it something good?

For all incoming messages to email accounts of ex-employees, my recommendation is to point (forward) them to active email address. So for both HR information technology departments, instead of permanently removing accounts, just forward them automatically to point to relative active email account.

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