Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Global TV Advertising Clip for Google (Draft)

I am pro-Google products and services even being freelancer internet marketer and social media consultant.
One day, I had imagined that Google would assign creative Googler to articulate creative scenario for TV ad clip that would be broadcasting in different countries.

I assumed that the TV advertising should highlight Google as leading internet player that has positively affected lives of zillions of people among different continents.

I had drafted the following audio-visual script:

1st Scene: Two US teenagers in 90s, one asks other: do you use internet?

2nd Scene: In 2005, same two, one asks other: do you use Google?
3rd Scene: In 2010, same two [older], one asks other after having difficulty in operating home machine: do you Google it? [Chrome screen appears while searching “How to use …”]
4th Scene: Home location appears with text “Internet = Google”
5th Scene: Business location appears with text “Google=Life”
6th Scene: Couples phone in France says: Let’s chat using Gtalk (on mobile phone)
7th Scene: CIO discusses corporate IT strategy says in Arabic: Let’s switch to Google apps
8th Scene: Academic Professor says: Let’s share it [Spanish .PPT file] using Google documents
9th Scene: IT programmer says: Let’s develop it for Chrome Extensions
10th Scene: Two Chinese students says: Let’s translate it [Indian document] via Google Translate

What do you think Google?

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