Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Newspaper Publisher? 3 Reasons to Email Content

I always believe that digital publishing has an amazing growth opportunities here in Egypt and MENA region.
We all read daily newspapers whether the printed edition or the web-based versions.
At top of our interests is the daily/weekly published columns and op-eds for famous authors.

The challenging question is: Why I am unable to subscribe online to receive my favorite articles directly to my email inbox?
In Arabic: لماذا لا يمكنني استلام مقالات كتابي المفضلين عبر البريد الالكتروني كل صباح رغم أن هذا يمكن أن يدر دخلا من الإعلانات للصحف المصرية والعربية؟

AlGareeda Online Newspaper is almost the only Egyptian press content publisher who utilizes email communications
Now, I can list 3 reasons for press publishers and both Egyptian & Arab newspapers to immediately implement an online system for sending articles via email to subscribers:

1-Earn Revenues:
By getting relative information (demographics, age, profession, etc) at online registration process, you can add option for subscribers to choose receiving relevant email ads in addition to the their favorite columns.

Now, you have to 2 ways to publish ads, get money and to add value:
1- Embed banner ad to each article sent by email: An B2C company might be interested to pay for sponsoring subscribers to Alaa Al-Aswani articles during January month for example. New Egypt Consulting has experienced email marketing technologies that tells you how much of email recipients had actually clicked the banner ad link.
2-Send targeted email campaigns: A leading NGO might be interested to pay for promoting a scholarship to college-graduates via dedicated email campaign.

2-Add Value to All Stakeholders:
As publisher, allowing your content to be available and reachable to wide range of audience is something all publishers are looking for. This increase your voice loudness among diversified online publishers.
Also, the author will maximize her/his thoughts reach-ability and hence gain more feedback relative to ideas and projects they are discussing in their articles.
Even for the newspaper reader, s/he will have access everywhere to the required content. Getting content via email saves the time and effort instead of checking newspaper website and then accessing the column link or page. Now, it is in the email box every morning.

3-Survey for Feedback:
Your database will have subscribers who chosen to participate in your online surveys, where you (newspaper publisher) can get useful insights about your online subscribers.

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