Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For Brand Managers: How to Customize Facebook Page Status

One of interested options available in Facebook is to customize your message as Facebook page admin based on either/both country and/or language.

For a brand that is existing in two countries, Facebook page admin can easily post separate offers/status for each of the two countries. In United States for example where English and Spanish are commonly used, Facebook admins can post message in English targeting fans who use Facebook with English interface, while Spanish-written post would be tailored for Spanish interface fans.

Below screen shots simply explains this feature in details:

1.Whether you post status, photo or question; you have the option of customizing your message.

2.Once you as Facebook page admin decided to customize, you have two options for Location and Language. You can customize one or both as you like and according to your campaign or engagement strategy.

3.In example above, I customized two locations (two countries) and one language.

3.In example above, I customized one location and two languages. Customizing for one location allows you to segment your message more and more to target city or more within that country. Brand eMarketing managers will really love this option.

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