Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Click Egypt NOV 2011: Online & Digital Marketing Summit

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So below post is for the 60% representing visitors from Egypt and Gulf.

This post is featuring online and digital marketing summit next November (20 - 23) here in Cairo. The event has two parts: conference (2days; Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd of November 2011), and workshops (Sunday 20th and Wednesday 23rd of November 2011). You can register for both or either. Details and Prices can be found here:

As the event website indicates, the event features distinguished speakers (senior digital marketing professionals at both B2C giants and web companies). The event is accompanied by workshops such as tracking and managing your brands online and applying social media marketing in your business guidance.

The event (held in Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah hotel) is sponsored by Yahoo! Maktoob and LinkdotNet, Connect Ads, LinkOnline and MSN Arabia among other media partners. 

The event in organized by UAE-based International Quality & Productivity Center, and will held in Cairo I think for the first time. This is most probably the first digital marketing event in Cairo after Jan25 (Last event I attended here). The Egyptian revolution was believed to be fueled by internet tools (More about internet role in Egypt's Jan25 here).

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