Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Website Measures for Companies & Businesess

Companies need to consider the website as a marketing tool. Actually, the website should be the responsibility of the marketing department rather than IT department.

Companies should keep eye on following online presence measures:

1.    Sales/Supply Leads:
High-quality website design should lead to qualified sales leads. Website quality isn’t measured by cost or even technology platform used, it is measured by usability.
Is your website usable to your target audience?

If you are a B2B company, then your clients are senior managers and foreign suppliers, which should be reflected in English-speaking website with no need to flash intro.

Flash may be suitable for some e-learning projects but not for the company website (for even SEO reasons).

Once your website is usable enough (in addition to few technical adjustments), you can be organically found online by your potential clients, suppliers, and even job applicants especially if advertising campaigns were launched.

2.    Customer Feedback:

Which email address receives your customers' complaints - is it employee email (i.e. or generic email (i.e.
What about common questions, pricing terms or product features? Are they clear enough to encourage potential stakeholders to go on for next step by communicating with you?

Are you utilizing permission-based email marketing tactics to enhance your operations and improve next quarter performance?

3.    Content Update:
Do you advertise something on TV while your website content says something else?
It is important to have website platform that allows easily updating website data to match new product launch or edit service terms and information.

Is your contact us page updated so clients can find your office easily?

4.    Qualified Job Applicants:
While website presence is an essential marketing tool, it also supports your HR strategy. Once you have an updated career page, potential job candidates can easily apply to your vacancies, so HR manager would get talent pool during the 365 days.

It is highly recommended to have online recruitment system that allows adding jobs, de-activating filled ones, updating job description, and reviewing CVs anytime.

5.    Integration, Integration, Integration:
Do not invest to get an excellent website without integrating with both the offline world and social media?
Your company website URL should be added to entire company publications, agendas and print-outs. Also, encourage your employees to list your URL in the signature of their business emails.

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