Sunday, September 4, 2011

Charity NGO or Business? 2 Reasons to Consider Blogging as CSR Tool

Well, it seems quite new to correlate blogging to corporate social responsibility (CSR). At New Egypt Consulting, we believe in career development importance to help job seekers find suitable job. We created a blog dedicated for this purpose and Egyptian daily Shorouk Newspaper had published one of our blog's articles in 2010 (link here).
I consider blogging here as part of CSR activities by New Egypt Consulting.

For business organizations and charity NGOs, blogging can actively contribute to CSR activities for at least 2 reasons:

1-Highlight Your Activities and Experiences as Leading Charity NGO:
By communicating your charity/CSR activities, you expose them to wider audience and hence spread the word of mouth about them.
This will increase confidence about your work and activities since they are publicly seen.

2-Contribute Positively as Socially-Responsible Business Organization:
Blogs are communication tool nowadays. You can communicate with your clients and customers as well as even employees (Related: Corporate HR Manager? 3 Reasons to Start Recruitment Blog).
If you blog about your company's support to breast cancer fundraising activities, then leading NGO can cross-post your published post on its website, so both sides get benefits: you get access to more potential clients by appearing at NGO's website, while the NGO will publicize its activities to wider people on your blog.
This post about tourism in Egypt will explain more why blogging is important:

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