Saturday, January 7, 2012

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 4 Minutes

As we know, website gets traffic from many resources such as bookmark link, LinkedIn topic, Facebook post, or search inquiry on Google, etc. Usually, website traffic from organic 'natural' search engines contributes to more than of 40% of total website traffic.
So, website owners are working all the time to optimize their websites to be search engine friendly.

The first step to adjust SEO is to get list of keywords that are used by your audience to reach your website.For example, IT companies would identify keywords like (IT company Egypt), (web development), (ERP Application), etc.  There are online tools to estimate the keywords such as Google Keyword Tool. Do not ignore also marketing manager or sales team point of view about most frequently words or questions used or asked by the customers.

Based on both keyword search and marketing feedback, website SEO consultant would optimize website settings (Meta-tags, page description, page titles, etc) to add and embed related keywords that would guide somehow the content of the website. This is on-site SEO.

However, many SEO consultants and web design companies fall into major mistake by adding multiple pages with too much content that hurts website usability. Here is my Arabic article about content development guidelines:

The other part of SEO is off-site search engine optimization such as back links, directory listing, and social media sharing. As Google and major search engines are continuously improving their search engine scrawl technologies, so much page rank weight is given now for both fresh and unique content.
It is essential to have unique content that is added frequently. That’s why major companies have news page of recent updates added weekly. New Egypt Consulting as SEO and web marketing consultancy firm is highly recommending adding blog to website domain.

The blog (could be used as news page or press release page) allows web development companies to keep the website simple and usable while the blog hosts different articles, news, or case studies that cover full keywords that help website to get traffic from different segments of potential audience.

I had highlighted my experience with blogs here:
Today, our official blog above already appears in 1st Google page for search terms (social media course egypt), (emarketing course cairo), (digital marketing company egypt [1st and 3rd .com]) and (emarketing training cairo)

Here is useful Arabic post about SEO with English video for Matt Cutts (Google) featuring blogs and other SEO techniques:

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