Monday, January 30, 2012

5 Tips to Increase YouTube Video Views

We are sharing 5 tips to increase YouTube video views and to improve your YouTube channel performance:

1- Add Tags

YouTube by default adds your video title as video tags.
Tags help search engines to find your specific video.
Being visible to search inquiries on YouTube will get you more views.

Screenshot for a YouTube video description and tags (2012)

2- Upload Shorter Clips:
One of the worst mistakes for TV channels and video producers is to have YouTube channel where you just upload bulk of videos each with 1+ hour duration long. Are they crazy?
You are addressing internet user who is all the time busy, opens tens of tabs and screens, and replies to emails all while viewing your video clip on YouTube. So, it is OK to upload clip for entire episode, but it MUST to upload useful separated clips from your Talkshow (2~5 minutes each).
Such splitting helps to add different attractive video titles and - most important- helps your audience to find relative content.
Social media tools (and YouTube at top of them) are about relevancy. More about relevancy in advertising campaigns here:

Social Media Consultant Criticizes Political Campaigns in Egypt (1-2)

3- Write Description
YouTube allows you to add text that describes your video content.
Also, the description supports your visibility in search engines (including YouTube search itself).
As you can see in the screenshot above, I had added call to action to the description especially that video is quite bit long (10 minutes).

4- Update Information
Each channel has info section where visitors can see information about YouTube channel owner (i.e. interests, company, URL, tags, etc).
All such information is important to be up to date.

5- Upload in Time
While YouTube is must-to-have digital marketing tool for TV channels and video producers, it is essential for both entrepreneurs and event organizers as well. Uploading interviews and key speeches is something important.
A key factor here is to upload timely not after days of going live on TV screen or after weeks of your events.
One of interested tactics applied by ONTV is uploading their shows within few hours.
Same applies for both Nile TV and Egyptian State TV. Although all of them are not applying other 4 tips :)

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