Friday, December 23, 2011

Google Egypt 2.0 Day 1: Google AdWords, Analytics & Apps

Two Google AdWords Sessions:
It was surprise for me to see huge percentage of audience to attend the two sessions for Google AdWords that was presented by three Google AdWords specialists.
That presentation went technical before explaining the ‘big picture’ of Google AdWords without its complex terminologies and advanced options. May be I am saying that because I am digital marketing freelancer and online marketing consultant, and I met clients who really want to understand online media in somehow simple way. I believe that communicating such issue would truly boost the web advertising and internet marketing here in Egypt.

First session was somehow introduction with major technical hints. Second session was training workshop (mini AdWords course) for tourism company so attendees would be divided in groups of 6 each to brainstorm and outline how to execute the campaign. May be executing Google AdWords campaign by Google representative(s) would be more beneficial in future events in my opinion.

Google Analytics Session:
Excellent number of attendees was keen to join Google Analytics presentation that was very good in highlighting importance of having clue about how visitors are behaving on your website. The presentation covered almost all key Google Analytics features, terminologies, etc. The presenter was asking engaging questions with Mug and pens for winners :).

Google Apps:
I am already user for Google Apps since 2010 within both my ex-employer NetSignature and my current project as digital marketing contractor for OTS (working on Resalty.Net Beta Edition). The Google Apps presentation was full of Mugs as well :), and I personally believe that Google Apps are under-estimated here in Egypt.

Actually, I am categorizing companies here in Egypt into: Governmental-owned institutions, multinational companies, Google Apps companies, and non-Google companies. The latter term refers to small businesses companies that somehow lack innovation spirit and productivity stimulation. My term for Google Apps companies refer companies that fall between second and fourth category with much better work environment.

After few years, I think Google Apps will be mandatory perquisite for hiring a new employee here in Egypt. Our economy status, somehow unstable security, deteriorating Cairo traffic, and employment challenges all will play key role in favor of both business owners and Google Apps. Once managers and business owners would realize the increase of productivity curve of their employees, they will be keen to promote usage of Google Apps. This would be applied for other cloud computing applications as well such as web conferencing for example.

Our exclusive coverage for Google Egypt Days – Day 1:

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