Saturday, April 1, 2017

3 Social Media Ideas for Business Travelers

If you enjoy traveling and trying different hotels (or motels) in different cities, this post is for you definitely whether you are traveling to San Francisco city in California (USA), or to my city Cairo (Egypt), or anywhere in the world - whether you are accompanied by a tourism company or just an entrepreneur traveling on your own.

Simply, business travelers (or any traveler actually) can check below social media platforms before arriving to your destination city:

1- Facebook Places for your destination city:
Click on the image to zoom-in

Whether you are a company owner, or a social media consultant traveling to San Francisco, or to any other city, you are recommended to check Facebook Places for your destination city.
You will find useful reviews and tips for hotels, restaurants, casinos, etc.

2- Twitter for trending hashtags and topics:
How to select a country and a city on Twitter to see trending hashtags and topics there

You are recommended to daily check its trending topics and hashtags on the social media micro blogging website Twitter.

You will get instant updates on what's going on there such as a company or brand you love that will celebrate a new product launch there with discounts for example.

Screenshot for Twitter trending hashtags in San Francisco couple of days ago  

3- YouTube for trending videos:
Click on the image to zoom-in 

Checking trending videos on YouTube in your destination country will help you to find a topic to socialize with your business partners there :)

Feel free to share any other social media related ideas and hints.

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