Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Facebook Engagement Survey By Egyptian Company

One of the activities that trigger Facebook engagement is birthday occasions. It is commonly known that once a person has a birthday anniversary, tens of wall posts saying happy birthday are posted by friends, family members, colleagues, and co-workers.

During May 2011, we as a social media company had conducted a survey on a sample of 20 Facebook accounts for Egyptian citizens. The survey aimed to find out average happy birthday wall posts per Facebook user in Egypt.

We've found that the median number of birthday wishes published on wall posts was 36 while average number was 51 wall posts.
It worth mentioning that the two Facebook accounts with highest number of birthday wall posts were men working outside Egypt.

Sample characteristics are:
Total 1029 birthday wall posts (652 for men)
50:50 male and female
50:50 married and single
All were born between 1975 and 1985
Highest number of wall posts for a female Facebook account was 68 posts from friends
Highest number of wall posts for a male Facebook account was 171 posts from friends

How many happy birthday Facebook wall posts you get on average :)?

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