Thursday, April 27, 2017

Email Marketing Campaign Optimization (Open Report Tip)

Analytics report shows Open statistics for one of our email marketing campaigns

One of the important email marketing reports is the Open report. It shows how many of your recipients had actually opened your email marketing message.
Generally speaking, each and every industry has its own average (percentage).

The above screenshot for a report from a campaign on iContact shows multiple opens for the email marketing message from a single recipient (31 times for the first-row email address).

Why? The two possible reasons are:

  1. The recipient has forwarded the message to multiple colleagues from her or his email contact list, or
  2. The email address itself is an alias that is being forwarded to different employees within the company.

We've been noticing that many recipients who contact us or our clients after an email newsletter are usually one of those who achieves multiple opens.

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