Saturday, April 29, 2017

Social Media Analytics Company: IPO?

This photo was posted on Twitter by the angel investor Halle Tecco showing Cloudera ticker symbol in New York Stock Exchange. Tweet source:

Can we see a social media analytics company applies for an initial public offering IPO?
The answer is Yes!

Cloudera, Inc. (NYSE: CLDR), the provider of the machine learning and advanced analytics built on the latest open source technologies, announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 15,000,000 shares of its common stock at a price to the public of $15.00 per share. The share price jumped to $18 on the first day today.

Big data and machine learning are used for social media analytics, online listening insights, and brand mentioning applications.

The case of Cloudera makes it possible for any social media analytics company with a solid business model based on a reasonable amount of users and/or traffic volume to apply for IPO. What do you think?

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