Thursday, April 27, 2017

Social Media Case Study: Secure Accounts

Companies and their social media marketing managers need to have control over their official social media accounts to avoid what happened to Al Nour political party here in Egypt
An internal group within a political party in Egypt decided to separate and to hijack party's official accounts. The official spokesman announced on Twitter that the party on social media has been hacked!

AlNour Party conflict had brought into the discussion a very important question within companies and organizations about social media account security:
Who should manage and own access to social media accounts?
And how to secure social media accounts of your company?

As a social media and digital marketing company since 2011, New Egypt Consulting recommends the following to secure your business social media accounts:

1- Control your domain, hosting & email accounts:
It is highly recommended to limit access to the domain, hosting and email management control panel to specified employees who are directly reporting to senior board members.

2- Use a company email to register for social media accounts:

Avoid allowing your social media marketing employee to use her/his own email account for registering and creating company's own Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, blog account, or Instagram account.
It is essential to create those accounts using only company's email (i.e.

Similarly, add a mobile number owned by your own company for your accounts, not a personal phone number for an employee.

3- Collect a database of email addresses and/or mobile numbers:
It is important to have a permission-based strategy to collect email addresses and mobile phone numbers of your customers and clients.

Such database will help you addressing any PR crises by directly communicating urgent updates effectively - such as incidents where a hacked Twitter account started to post threats or nasty posts.

4- Secure admins:
Screenshot of a tweet published by the former president while in office (September 2012). The account admin used a 3rd party application, and the tweet itself had been removed after a while.
It is highly advisable to separate personal social media accounts from work social media accounts while managing social media accounts for your company (Unless you use Hootsuite, etc)

Facebook and Twitter administrators should not abuse the accounts they manage to use or try 3rd party services and applications. If you want to try new Twitter service for example, just use your personal account or another dummy account not the official Twitter account of the president :)

New Egypt Consulting is a social media & digital marketing company based in Cairo since 2011.
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