Friday, December 23, 2011

Google Egypt 2.0 Day 1: Digital Marketers meet Online Media Giant

Sunday 11th of December was first day of 3-days series of Google Egypt Days that was held in Fairmont Heliopolis here in Cairo.

The event had many parallel tracks for digital marketing and online media topics including Google services, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Plus, Google AdSense, and Google Apps plus session for Arabic localization of Google.
The audience has huge number of juniors or university students as well as fewer numbers of digital marketing consultants, telecom regulatory bodies, IT managers, software developers, entrepreneurs, etc. The only issue was not having wireless network plus down of MobiNil USB Modem service that was truly disappointing. Fortunately, signal mobile phone line (MobiNil also) was OK, so the problem was not severe.

Welcome Keynotes (and Google VP Presentation in Arabic):
First presentation was conducted by Mohammad Gawdat who is Google’s Vice President Emerging Markets. Wael Fakharany introduced Gawdat as the manager of Wael's manager.
The Google VP presentation was in Arabic as well as slides themselves; and title was
 في أوروبا والدول المتقدمة .. لا يأكلون مع الكباب طحينة

As title shows, the presentation (was impressive and got intense clapping) had addressed change concept, and how to think differently in innovative matter. One interested fact he mentioned out of book (outliners) is:
If you invested 10,000 hours in practicing something, then you are expert at it; whether it is a cheese sandwich or software code.
He asked how many attendees are talking about politics daily (asked them to raise hands), then asked them how many of you read 4 hours of politics-related text daily, then asked how many of you had practiced politics, then Ahmed Gawdat (Google VP) asked how many of you wrote something about politics, etc.
After that presentation, Turkey-based marketing manager presented useful outline for Google recent products and services, and ended his presentation with promotion for Galaxy Nexus smart phone:

Our exclusive coverage for Google Egypt Days – Day 1:

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