Friday, December 23, 2011

Google Egypt 2.0 Day 1: Google Innovations, Localization & GTUG

Google Innovations:
Self-driving cars was the most interested part of this seminar.  As I understood, Google works on programming chips for cars so they would be auto-driven in order to allow car sharing.  Car sharing means that you do not have to own a car, but a car will get you to work, while then the same car will serve other passengers around city and then you will find one when you get to home. It is amazing sort of Could Cars similar to Cloud Computing.
 I tried to get the video we see but failed to find it as even Google Egypt 2.0 presentations are still not uploaded! However, this video helps:

Google Technology User Groups (GTUG):

These groups are loyal Google Users. According to the day main presenter Sebastian, 10% of them (technology user groups) are located in Arabic region (the term that I prefer instead of the term Middle East and North Africa). GTUG Egypt team was presented to us at closing comments session. Here is URL of GTUG Egypt:

Arabic Localization of Google:
This interested session was presented by Dubai-based Fayeq Oweis (PhD) ; the Arabic localization manager at Google. He had PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies with Concentration on Arabic and Islamic Studies according to this post about Google & Arabic Language.
Dr. Fayeq (I guess he is Iraqi) presented challenges for Arabic language localization (i.e. translating notifications into إخطار  or إشعار orتنبيه , he said إخطار  was neglected since its verb source is خطر or dangerous). He highlighted that 63 suggestions were received for Arabic translation of Google 404-Error page statement.
Dr. Fayeq said that about 30 translators and Arabic language specialists are supporting his unit here from Cairo. He stated that he is against use of causal Arabic and insists to use Fos7a Arabic, which got admiration from audience.

I met students from Minia University who were keen to attend Google Egypt days. It was noticeable the high % of college students. For senior managers (well, I am still fresh graduate (MBA fresh graduate :))), I highly recommended them to assign part of their networking time in such events and conferences to coach and mentor students and fresh graduates in terms of practical job & work experience, monetizing projects and financing business start-ups (Here is my start-up business experience in Egypt).

That for me regarding Google Egypt day one; and looking to see posts from friends who attended day two and day three :)
Our exclusive coverage for Google Egypt Days – Day 1:

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