Friday, November 1, 2013

What's Common Between Bassem Youssef & Gallerista?

Simply, the answer is: The online presence is just an account on a social media platform!

Bassem Youssef Show publishes the episodes on his YouTube channel starting 2011. QSoft (The online producer for Bassem Youssef program and now its YouTube partner) had utilized the YouTube channel to attract thousands and millions of YouTube views. Bassem Youssef used Facebook and Twitter to integrate and maximize the efficiency of his show's YouTube channel.

Another example I know is Gallerista. It is a beautiful gallery here in Cairo, Egypt located in Madinaty district. Gallerista is a place for home decoration, home accessories and antiques. As the definition indicates, the best way to promote such art business is the photos and images. In Egypt, your main destination is to create a Facebook page. Gallerista might also consider Pinterest and Instagram.

When you visit the gallery's website, you will be automatically redirected to the Facebook page of the gallery, A simple but yet effective web marketing tactic.

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