Saturday, August 4, 2012

UPDATE Tamer Honsy Twitter Followers Case Study

Our post Tamer Hosny 1 Million Followers Are Fake! went viral across media here in Egypt (i.e. FilFan Portal, Yahoo! Maktoob OMG, ElFagr Newspaper, AlBawaba News, Akhbarak Portal, DigiBuzzMe, etc).

The interested thing is: what had been predicted in the post (Twitter irrelevant followers will simply UNFOLLOW) had become a reality. Couple of days ago, followers for Tamer Hosny had shrunk to about more than 900,000 followers only. Strangely, today the followers raised again to 1,022,291 followers (most of them are eggs that ONLY follow him):

However, I had received some criticisms (mainly two) that I would like to share with you:

1- Hey! Tamer just used Promoted Accounts
Twitter allows promoting accounts for a fee. Tamer Hosny did not use it at all, I did not see it (as he should be targeting Egypt).
Even if utilized to reach 1M+, this means hundreds of thousands of US Dollars to be spent as budget over months not few weeks.

A Twitter ad campaign starts with $900 to the best of my knowledge for US and EU and for promoted accounts for hours targeting specific state/area. In all cases, cost per follower CPF starts with $2.5 (which means Tamer paid EGP 15M!!).

For Tamer, it is not logic to pay $500,000+ especially that he does not invest time to engage on Twitter to make me believe that he paid $500,000+.
Also, Twitter capacity in Egypt doesn't allow 1M Twitter users to be that active on Twitter within few weeks. See for example the Egyptians figures who got their tweets highlighted in mass media (even Mr. President), they reach 400K within year or so not 2 months.

Actually, Twitter capacity in Egypt makes it impossible by all legal/logical means to get million followers in Egypt or Arab states (online advertising CTRs are usually less than 5% so reaching 1M means reaching at least few millions of active Egyptian Twitter users).

2- Hey! Tamer had appeared with famous US singers:
The US singer Snoop Dogg had 9 million Twitter followers and had appeared with Tamer Hosny in a single last April. It might make sense to have increase in followers last April not in July. This increase of followers should not be 1 million as the song had been promoted in Arabic media mainly.

Finally, it seems that not only Tamer Hosny is getting fake users, also his music video director Tarik Freitekh uses same approach (490,000) but thanks to Fakers Service that confirmed "100% of his followers are fake"!

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