Friday, August 10, 2012

3 Key Success Factors for Online Monetization

For company or organization to earn revenues online, it needs to consider 3 success factors:

1- Unique Content:
The king of internet is your content. As long as you have a unique content that is addressing specific segment(s), then 100% you will be able to monetize it. For media production companies, radio stations, and TV channels, YouTube is a great platform for direct monetization.
Of course, AdSense for bloggers and website owners may be their top option.

2- E-Commerce Website:
Selling your content (or products) via an online portal should be an important part of your revenue streams. E-Commerce industry is growing and content management systems are countless.

3- Marketing Integration:
Monetizing online content is not only about selling products or adding Google AdSense to your website code - as it is essential to set an integrated marketing communications strategy for your company or brand in order to maximize your ROI.

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