Monday, July 16, 2012

Tamer Hosny's Twitter Followers Are Fake!

Many Twitter applications get authorization from account owner to follow new people - potential bug that explains the dramatic increase in Twitter followers for Tamer Hosny on Twitter

News today announced that Tamer Hosny is #1 Egyptian Twitter account with 1M+ followers. How to get such huge number in less than 3 months?

If you checked the followers' list of Tamer Hosny, you will find them mostly US-based (irrelevant followers):

Also, Tamer Hosny doesn't tweet that much (8 tweets during July and 18 tweets during June) and no competition was utilized to bring him that much number of followers in short time.

We have found that average monthly growth for the same period (July 2012 to June 2012) for Amr Diab, Maher Zain, Beyonce, Hamza Namira and Lady Gaga was less than 30% (not 400%+ growth as Tamer Hosny does).

On Twitter, Tamer Hosny had about 78,500 followers on 3rd of June. On July 1st, he reached 240,000 followers (300%+ growth). Yesterday, he reached more than million Twitter followers. Today 16th of July, he got additional 10,000 followers!

Unfortunately, some agencies and many freelancers are providing quantity-based social media services that are really damaging the value of social media fans/followers. Such fans/followers are not representing any REAL value for the brand. They will NOT interact with you, they will NOT spread a word of mouth, and you know: they will UNFOLLOW you soon or later.

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  1. Can you compare this to Queen Rania?

  2. Who cares, Tamer Hosny is a cunt anyway

  3. I didn't even know that he has a twitter account.

    Great post, just needs a little focus on grammar :-)


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