Sunday, April 1, 2018

Social Media Agencies & Influencers

Professional social media marketing agencies need to play an essential role to encourage social media influencers to avoid depending solely on their fans and followers to generate income or receive rewards.

Agencies should not only focus on hiring/rewarding influencers while ignoring to help them to maximize their impact on the society away from the social media bubble.

While this may seem a confusing message for a while, it simply highlights an essential responsibility that we, social media marketing agencies, must address clearly to avoid destroying the lives of innocent ladies & gentlemen who had trusted us to make a living.

While we help social media influencers to make a living, we must help them to avoid sinking in the smartphone screen and breathing online notifications, given the frequent algorithm changes on many platforms recently.

... and a shout out to social media influencers: Avoid being like a traditional journalist where his only window to the world is her/his newspaper. This will make it easy for the both Editor-in-Chief and publication owners to control your income, censor your articles, etc.

Try always to expand your passionate about whatever fashion, career, e-commerce, charity, etc into other mediums including offline communities (universities, events, etc).

Always remember: Social media activities should be just a tactic to support yourself while having a job, startup, project, etc, not a target and a destination of itself.

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